9ice Net Worth 2023: Biography, Education, Career

9ice Early Life

Born Alexander Abolore Adegbola Akande on January 17, 1980, in Ogbomosho, Oyo State, Nigeria, 9ice’s childhood was marked by both musical inspiration and personal challenges. Growing up in the bustling metropolis of Lagos, he was surrounded by the vibrant sounds of Afrobeats, Fuji music, and hip hop. However, his family’s polygamous structure and the loss of his mother at a young age presented significant obstacles.

9ice Education

Despite these hardships, 9ice remained focused on his education, attending CMS Grammar School in Lagos. His academic pursuits were intertwined with his musical aspirations, as he began composing songs and honing his vocal skills during his school years.

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9ice Career

9ice’s professional music career took off in 2000 with the release of his debut single, “Little Money.” This initial success paved the way for his first official album, “Certificate,” which dropped in 2007. The album catapulted him to stardom, establishing him as a prominent figure in the Nigerian music scene.

His subsequent albums, including “Gongo Aso” (2008) and “Bashorun Gaa” (2009), further solidified his position as a top-tier artist. These albums featured hit singles like “Gongo Aso,” “Shekere,” and “Patapata,” which dominated the airwaves and solidified his fan base.

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9ice’s musical prowess lies in his ability to seamlessly blend genres, incorporating elements of hip hop, Afrobeats, and Fuji music into his unique sound. His lyrics, often infused with Yoruba proverbs and wordplay, add depth and cultural richness to his music.

9ice Achievements

9ice’s musical journey has been adorned with numerous accolades, including multiple MTV Africa Music Awards, Channel O Music Video Awards, and Headies Awards. These achievements are a testament to his talent, versatility, and enduring impact on the Nigerian music landscape.

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9ice Net Worth

9ice’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.2 million. His wealth stems from his successful music career, which includes album sales, concert performances, endorsement deals, and music streaming royalties.

9ice’s story is an inspiring tale of resilience, talent, and unwavering dedication to his craft. From his humble beginnings to his meteoric rise to stardom, he has established himself as a true icon of Nigerian music. His legacy extends beyond his musical achievements; he has also become a role model and source of inspiration for aspiring musicians across Africa and beyond.

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