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Davido and 69 who is the richest 2024 ?

Davido and 69 who is the richest 2024 ? Just discovered people are searching for davido and 69 who is the richest 2024 and I decided to settle this today for you guys.

Compare both artists in terms of financial success can be a little bit difficult because one can do better than the other in terms of musical streams while others can be doing well in getting endorsement deals but don’t worry I got you cover.

Let’s understand something before we delve into the main topic of davido and 69 who is the richest 2024.

Both Davido and 69 are artists based in different countries and both countries’ currencies differ, one currency has value more than the other. For example, the US dollar is more valuable than Naira.

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So today I’m using US dollars to compare both Davido and 69 net worth and Endorsement deals.

Before going further and starting comparisons, I will like to introduce each of these artists. Now let’s start with Davido.

Who is Davido

Davido is Popular Nigeria mainstream afrobeat singer, Recording and performing Artist. Davido was born in Atlanta by Nigerian parents.

Davido got recognition in the Nigerian music industry in 2012 and ever since Davido has become a big name in the Nigerian industry dropping hits back to back.

Davido is arguably one of best Artists in Africa and also one of Artist with Highest endorsement deals in Africa.

Now let’s see who is 69.

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Who is 69.

Daniel Hernandez (born May 8, 1996) professionally known as 6ix9ine or Tekashi69, is a Mexican-American who is based in Brooklyn.

Hernandez is known for his distinctive rainbow-themed look, tattoos, aggressive style of rapping, public feuds with fellow celebrities, legal issues, and controversial public persona.

Now I have given a quick introduction of both artists, now let’s look at their net worth.

Davido Net Worth.

Davido according to revenue calculator and Forbes, Davido Worth over $110 million dollars in both Music streams and endorsement deals which makes Davido one of richest musicians in Nigeria.

To know more about Davido Net Worth, click here to read Davido Net Worth.

69 Net Worth.

69 according to online Revenue calculator and Forbes, 69 net worth is estimated around $15 million dollars both endorsement deals and music streams.

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To know more about 69 net worth. Click Here to read about 69 Net Worth.

Now let’s discuss Who is Richer in general.

Davido and 69 Who is Richest?

After comparing both Davido and 69, I have come to Conclusions that Davido is Richer than 69 musical streams and also endorsement deals.

As music lovers, we all know artists get their money through Music streams, Endorsement deals and Features.

I don’t know how much 69 charges for features both Davido charge $600,000 for features which is even bigger than 69 endorsement deals.

Let me know what you think about this in the comment section.

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