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Davido And Wizkid Who is the richest 2024

davido and wizkid who is the richest: who is richest between Davido and wizkid has become topic fans have been arguing across social media since the beginning of their stardom.

I don’t know what comes up lately that raises the argument again. Today I want to use this medium to settle differences between both fanbases.

I know even after reading this, it will be hard for one fanbase to accept, but I have to give some analysis to show how we arrive at the conclusion of who is richest between Davido and wizkid.

And after the end of the article, I want you to share your opinion about what you think about my opinion.

It’s important we should understand that artist revenue comes from different sources which includes Endorsement, music streams and features.

My opinion will be based on these 3 revenue sources which both artists have been doing well since the beginning of their Career.

But I want you to realize that both artists earn in Dollars which the dollar rate way back then is different from nowadays rate.

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So let’s begin with comparatives and who is Richest.

Endorsement Deals

Davido Endorsement deals

Davido is one of most followed Artists in Africa with close  50 million across social media which includes Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

With the numbers of follower’s davido has secure endorsement deals with Munch it, Pepsi, Martell Blue Swift, Wema Bank, PUMA, and Travelbeta, close up and MTN Pulse.

Davido Endorsement worth $5 million which makes him one of most secure endorsement deals Artist in Nigeria.

Wizkid Endorsement Deals

Wizkid is also not left out when it comes to followers, Wizkid fansbase is known as wizkid Fc. Wizkid fansbase is known as one of the best fan bases in the world. This fansbase support their artist anytime, anywhere.

With this, wizkid is able to secure endorsement deals with Pepsi, MTN, and GLO Nigeria.

Wizkid endorsement deals worth $3 million.

Now let’s settle this, Davido has 5 endorsement deals while Wizkid has 3 endorsement deals. Davido endorsement deals worth $5 million while Wizkid endorsement deals worth $3 million.

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Music Streams

Davido Music streams worth 2024

Davido has released Timeless Album which topped the chart and almost every track on that album is a hit which we assume revenue from this album can be estimated around $5 to $7 million.

That’s for davido ‘s latest album not to talk of previous singles and albums. Davido Music streams worth $70 million.

Wizkid Music streams worth 2024.

Wizkid’s latest album that performs well is Made is Lagos which we assume revenue from that album is close to $10 million.

That’s for made in Lagos, wizkid have albums before made in Lagos and after made in Lagos. So basically when it comes to music streams revenue wizkid is pretty doing well. Wizkid’s music worth is estimated around $75 Million.

So let’s settle this again, Wizkid music streams worth is bigger than Davido music worth with $5 million.

Features and Show Performance

How much is Davido Charge per Show ?

To have Davido perform at your concerts or shows, you must pay a huge amount of dollars. According to a report Davido Charges close to $1 million per show.

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How Much Wizkid Charges per show?

Wizkid is known as one that charges high to perform in a show, which reports has it that wizkid charge $2 million per show.

How Much Davido Charges for features?

Davido charges $600, 0000 for features which is a little bit high. But sometimes davido gives the verse free depending on his mood and relationship with Artist.

How Much Does Wizkid Charge for Features?

Wizkid Charges $1 million for features. Wizkid doesn’t charge less than this although I don’t know.

Let’s conclude between Davido and wizkid who is Richest 2024.

Davido and wizkid who is Richest 2024

Based on comparison we have done on previous sections, Davido Worth about $110 million. While Wizkid Worth about $115 million.

With this, I conclude that wizkid is Richer than Davido with $5 million dollars.

Let me know your opinion in the comments section

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