Portable Net Worth 2024

Portable Net Worth 2024: portable came to limelight after release of Zazu zeh features Olamide and ever since portable have been making waves in Nigeria industry.

Making waves in the Nigerian music industry has nothing to do with net worth because making headlines won’t add revenue to your account. But let’s shock you. Making waves increases Music streams and music streams increase revenue.

Today I want to talk about how much is portable Net Worth for 2024 and how his net worth has been cumulative.

First of all, portable Net Worth is cumulative of his Music Streams Revenue, Features, Concerts booking fees, and endorsement deals.

So if all these revenue sources have been cumulative, then it’s give you his worth. Let’s get to know how portable Net Worth is calculated and how much he is worth in 2024.

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Portable Endorsement deals

Portable in 2022, he signed endorsement deals with Obi cubana wearing company worth N50 Million which is equivalent to $50,000 annually.

Another report on April 13,2022 Portal signed another endorsement deal with Foreign company called sujimotos foreign company worth $100,000 which is equivalent to N100 Million Naira.

In total, portable Endorsement deals worth $150,000 Annually which is N150 million In Naira.

Portable Music streams Worth 2024.

When it comes to revenue From music streams, portable is not doing well because the only hit song portable ever since he came to stardom is Zazu zeh. So portable Music streams worth is estimated to be Around $15,000 which is equivalent to N15 million in Naira.

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How Much Does Portable Charge for Show and Features.

The amount of portable charge to perform on your show is $10,000 which is N10 million and charge $3,000 for Features which is N3 million in Naira.

Portable has performed in countless concerts and shows around the world which we can’t calculate how much he has earned from shows in total but we assume the Total money earned from shows and features since becoming a star is N$60,000 which is equivalent to N60 million in Naira.

Now let’s talk about how much is portable cumulative Net Worth in dollars and Naira.

Portable Net Worth 2024.

The Nigeria Super star and Zazu crooner have $225,000 as cumulative Net Worth which is equivalent to N225 Million Naira.

Who is Portable

Portable is a renowned Nigerian sensational singer, Songwriter and performing Artist. Portable came to limelight after the release of Zazu zeh featuring Olamide.

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Ever since portables have become household in the Nigerian music industry.

Portable Early Life

Portable was born and raised In Ogun State Nigeria, portable was Born March 12, 1994.

Portable attended primary school and secondary school in Ogun State, Nigeria. Portable is a graduate of Kwara state Polytechnic,offa.


Portable Real Name

Portable real Name is Habeeb Okikiola

Portable Tribe

Portable was born yoruba

Portable Religion

Portable was born Muslim, and he practices Islam.

Portable married?

Yes, Portable is married with kids, his wife’s name and pictures are not disclosed anywhere as he stated he will keep his family off the internet and we respect his choice.

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