Murja Ibrahim Kunya Biography: Net Worth, Phone Number

Murja Ibrahim Kunya is a popular TikTok content creator from Kano State, Nigeria, who has gained both fame and notoriety for her outspoken and controversial videos.

She has become a household name in the social media world, thanks to her entertaining and humorous Hausa-language content on the popular video-sharing platform.

Murja’s journey to social media stardom began when she discovered her passion for social media at a young age, and she quickly gained a substantial following for her charismatic personality and unique style of content creation.

With her ability to captivate her audience with her outspoken nature and humorous demeanor, Murja was able to amass an impressive one million followers, which prompted her to expand her content repertoire even further.

Murja Ibrahim Kunya Career

She began creating comedy skits, collaborating with other artists such as Mr 442, and even making appearances in short music videos. Her collaborations and versatility added a new dimension to her content and helped maintain the interest of her audience.

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However, Murja’s journey took a turn when she was recently arrested by the police in Kano over allegations of indecent behavior, use of vulgar language, and offenses contrary to Islamic teachings. In September 2022, Murja and several other TikTokers, including Mr 442, Safara’u, Dan Maraya, Amude Booth, Kawu Dan Sarki, Ado Gwanja, Ummi Shakira, Samha Inuwa, and Babiana faced complaints from a group of Islamic clerics. The clerics accused them of “corrupting the morals of society,” leading to a Sharia Court in Kano requesting their arrest and investigation.

Following the court’s request, Murja’s controversial social media presence caught up with her, resulting in her arrest on January 29. The Kano State Sharia Court presided over by Abdullahi Halliru remanded Murja Ibrahim Kunya at a correctional facility. She faced charges related to threatening individuals, releasing inciting videos that contradict Islamic teachings, and potentially misleading others.

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While admitting to her controversial and outspoken behavior on social media, Murja attributed some of her alleged excesses to emotions she struggled to control. During questioning by the police, she expressed remorse for a specific video where she criticized Nigerian leaders, explaining that it was fueled by her frustration with a viral video depicting terrorists attacking captives of the Kaduna-Abuja train. She also mentioned that certain musicians, such as Ado Gwanja, had requested her to mimic immoral songs as a means of promoting their content on social media.

In light of her arrest and the passing of her colleague Abdul Aboki, Murja expressed deep regret for her actions and vowed to cease her “immoral actions,” aiming to set a positive example, particularly for young people. She also called upon other social media users to refrain from provoking her and casting aspersions on her character.

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Following Murja’s arrest, social media platforms, including TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook were abuzz with debates and discussions. Supporters of Murja rallied behind her, using the hashtag #FreeMurjaKunya, advocating for her immediate release. On the other hand, some individuals believed that she should face consequences for her past actions.

Murja Ibrahim Kunya Net Worth

Murja Ibrahim Kunya has lived a lifestyle that diverges from the traditional norms of Arewa, the northern region of Nigeria. Her outspoken nature, use of vulgar language, and provocative content on social media have sparked debates and discussions within the community. Her net worth is estimated to be around 15 million naira, which comes from TikTok live star donations, creative fund, and advertisement.

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