How To Find Winning Products for Dropshipping Business in Nigeria Using

How To Find Winning Products for Dropshipping Business in Nigeria Using If you want to make it through dropshipping business then there is a need for you to understand what is winning products and how to find winning products.

I have been doing a local dropshipping business in Nigeria for years now and I must say that my business is doing well but what I’ve discovered recently gets me thinking about how much I could have made if I knew and understood what finding winning products is.

Recently was watched a particular video about how to start dropshipping businesses then the author explained how he found winning products that earn him over $50,000 monthly with the help of tools.

I was amazed at the tools and I created an account with them I checked the product database and discovered a lot of products selling well in the market.

Indeed what one doesn’t know is bigger than him, During my few years in the dropshipping business I never knew one could make such figures selling products one doesn’t produce.

Now, I know and I was able to discover products that are doing well and I test them and work them out. Today I will be taking you Process of how to find dropshipping winning products using tools.

For the sake of people who are just hearing dropshipping for the first and also don’t know what is winning products. I would like to start by explaining winning products and then follow it up with how to find winning products.

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I don’t know if you will be interested in knowing how to turn ₦50,000 into ₦4 million in 3 months. If you are interested in knowing then comment after the end of this article. So that I can prepare the article and videos for you guys.

What is Winning Products

Winning products is a product that has low competition and is profitable. What I mean by low competition is the products have low supply and high demand.

We can identify winning products when the demand for products is high and the people selling that product are not much. And also winning products are products with high profit margins. If you read my previous article about 5 steps to start dropshipping businesses in Nigeria, I explained how profitable dropshipping businesses can be using winning products as examples.

As I said earlier I will be using as examples to show how you can find winning products with the tools.

My life I love to make everything clear for my readers so I will first start by telling you briefly about and then how to use IT to find winning products.

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What is is software or tools that give you access to Shopify products database and highlight products that are selling well in the market and have a profit margin.

With these tools, you can see a different store that sells the products and how the store promotes their products.

I don’t know if you would like to know more details about the tool, features and price so that I can create a different article about it. If you would love to know then let me in the comments section.

Let’s rush how to find winning products for dropshipping businesses in Nigeria using

How To Find Winning Products for Dropshipping Business in Nigeria Using

To use you must create an account with them and select the plan you want to subscribe to. Don’t worry you will be given a free trial for 7 days. Create your account with them for free and test these tools if you like you can subscribe after a free trial and if you don’t like then you can cancel the subscription. Depending on your Choice.

How to create an Account with

Visit registration pages, and fill in the necessary information requested. registration pages

Choose the plan you wish to subscribe to, then click on the next steps. Price plans
Enter your card details, you won’t be charged until after your free trial is over. billing address

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How To Find Winning Products with

After registration, log in to your account and locate the product Database.
products database

Search for the product name you wish to sell. For example, I search for handbags

Below is what the result will look like after you have searched for a product.
Look at the products on the first list, you can see the
products sold 7,273 units in a month, and the store had a revenue of $872,687. The store also has 77 products.

Click on the link to that website and see what the products look like on that website.

Copy the URL of the website, come back to and track the sake of the website.

You can check everything about the website and how they promote their products on social media.

I will create an article about reviews on and explain everything about these tools. If you can wait then you can click sign up for a free account for 7 days of free trials.

If you love this article, leave a comment so that I will have the courage to write more about the dropshipping business and how to succeed. Don’t forget to contact me if you need mentorship.

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