Mummy Zee Biography: Story and Everything You Should know

Mummy Zee has been trending on Twitter for two days now from dragging her for waking up to cook for her husband to blessings for being a submissive Wife.

This mummy zee story will inspire you, if anybody tells you that being submissive to your husband is not paying then mummy zee should person you should show to the person.

If Almighty Allah wants to change one situation, Then he uses small situations to change one life just like he did to mummy Zee and her wife. Mummy Zee wakes up from bed from zeronaire to millionaire.

For you coming here for Mummy Zee’s story and biography, I will start by giving a story of how Mummy Zee became a millionaire with a single tweet.

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Mummy Zee story.

A few days back, mummy zee made a tweet saying she had been lazy and that she couldn’t make her husband breakfast before going to work but when her husband came back from work and told her that his colleagues from work were female came with two spoons and that he ate food with her. Mummy Zee said from hearing that she begins to wake up at 4:30 am to prepare her husband breakfast before going to work.

After she tweeted this story on her handle on X formerly known as Twitter, she got a reaction from different people calling her names. She gets dragged by Twitter influencers which results in her breakthrough. As I talking to you she’s now a millionaire.

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After getting reactions from different people, people started demanding her account number to bless her for being a good woman. Like play Mummy Zee receives a sum of ₦2 million. That doesn’t stop from money another gift she receives includes a Bed Frame, a Plasma TV, a chair and others.

Kuda Bank gifts her sum of 2 million naira and NNPC also gifts ₦1 million vouchers to redeem from the nearest NNPC station.

That’s how mummy Zee’s story changes oo within 48 hours.

That’s the story of Mummy Zee, now let’s talk about who Mummy Zee is.

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Who is Mummy Zee

Mummy Zee is a Nigerian Mom, Wife and geoscientist. Who rose to fame after responding to Twitter posts and reactions.

Mummy Zee is one of the luckiest people in 2024.

Mummy Zee is a graduate of the University of Ilorin. She is based in Lagos, Nigeria and lately, Mummy zee become a famous Nigerian female influencer on Twitter with followers 139,000.


Mummy Zee’s Real Name

Mummy zee real name is Deborah Olak

Mummy Zee Age

Mummy zee age is still unknown for now but I will update this article as soon as possible.

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