12 Profitable Dropshipping Niches To start in 2024 in Nigeria

12 Profitable Dropshipping niches To start in 2024 in Nigeria: When starting a dropshipping business in 2024, it is crucial to select a profitable niche to ensure success. Don’t overlook the significance of identifying profitable niches in your region before diving into the process.

In my previous article, I discussed 5 steps to start a dropshipping business and how profitable Dropshipping can be if you find profitable niches and winning products.

I also talked about finding winning products for the Dropshipping Business and wrote an article about how to find winning products using dropship.io tools.

If you have yet to read about them click related Post of this article to read them.

Today I will be discussing about 10 profitable Dropshipping Business niches that you can start if you want to start a Dropshipping Business especially if you are Nigerian and want to make six figures. I’m not granting these six figures within a short time because you are a beginner.

Before compiling a complete list of profitable Dropshipping niches to start in 2024. I have analysed these niches starting from the middle of 2023 till December and see how people in those niches are performing globally.

I will find time also to compile a list of niches that doing well for local drop shippers in Nigeria but in this particular article, I will talk about global performance.

Your success in Dropshipping Business depends on which niche you choose and the region you are targeting for your business.

So when choosing a niche among the list I share with you here, make sure you read well and analyse to understand the region that the niche is performing well.

I think this is what other bloggers and vloggers don’t tell you when making videos or writing about choosing a niche that is profitable for a Dropshipping Business.

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I can say that every niche is profitable but where to target your customers is what one to focus on most. Some tools help you understand how niches are performing in different regions.

So as a dropshipper looking for profitable Dropshipping niches, you need to get one of those tools to analyse and identify your target customers.

In my next article I will talk about tools to find winning products and also how to analyse products and understand your customers.

I don’t mean to take much time in the introduction part of this article but there’s a need for me to do it because it’s important to inform you what you need to know when choosing Dropshipping niches.

Helping people solve problems is one of the things I do for a living that’s why I take time to come up with videos and articles so that I can analyze and explain everything you need to understand what I’m talking about.

Now before I come up with Dropshipping niches that are profitable, let me explain what is niche for the sake of people coming across the acronym niche for the first time.

What is Niche

In layman’s language, A Niche is a particular area or market you will focus on selling your products

Now let’s get into the top 12 profitable niches from AliExpress anthe d total sales made in each niche last year 2023.

Before I get started, I want to tell you the tools I use to analyse these niches and also you can do it yourself. If you want to check it yourself, then click here to sign up.

12 Profitable Dropshipping niches To start in 2024 in Nigeria

1. Fashion Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry is one of the profitable niches with the highest sales on AliExpress last year 2023 with total sales of 8,435,462 yearly and 86,965.

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The total profit made from total sales in this niche last year 2023 was $57,707,206, while $594,929 weekly.

2. Mobile phone Accessories

Mobile phone accessories are another niche that makes the most sales on AliExpress. This niche makes total sales of 5,472,974 years and 60,153.

The total revenue generated from this mobile phone Accessories niche on AliExpress weekly is $671,050 and the total for last year was $61,055,001.

3. Art, craft, sewing

Third on this list are arts, crafts, and sewing. This was one most the selling niches on AliExpress last year 2023. Note this niche can perform better than the one mentioned above in European countries and America while In Africa it will perform less.

The total items sold on these niches on AliExpress last year was 2,600,215 and generated a total revenue of $21,387,870

4. Portable Audio and Video Equipment.

Audio and video equipment is another niche that sold most last year 2023 on AliExpress and There is the possibility that this equipment to do better than the abovementioned niche this year because the number of people going into content creation is increasing and even brands are getting this equipment for visualising their products.

The total sales of Audio and Video equipment from AliExpress last year was 2,390,438 and generated a total revenue of $88,933,525.

5. Makeup Kits and Equipment

Makeup kits and equipment were one most the selling niches on AliExpress last year. This niche performs well in African countries. So if anybody chooses this niche then customers purchasing this product under this niche come from African countries, especially Nigerian people.

The total sale of makeup kits and equipment for last year was 2,219,559 and generated a total revenue of $13,963,186.

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6. Festive and Party Supplies

This niche is seasonal because it mostly has the highest orders during festivals and sometimes people purchase for their partners.

The total sales made from this niche last year was 2,184,171 and generated a total revenue of $21,775,137.

7. Fishing Equipment.

Fishing Equipment was one of the best-selling niches on AliExpress last year 2023 with total sales of 1,971,600 with total revenue of $16,341,020

8. Pet Products

Pet products are also among top top-selling products on AliExpress with a total of 1,879,889 and with total revenue of $23,939,157.

9. Nail Art and tools

Another niche with the most sales and profits on AliExpress is nail art and tools. The nail niche made a total sale of 1,748,313 last year with a total revenue of $30,436,533.

10. Fine Jewelry

Fine Jewelry’s performance last year was amazing and from the performance of this year so far this niche will do more than last year. The total sales last year were 1,567,261 and the revenue generated was $31,229,399.

11. Eyewear and accessories

The eyewear collection niche is another amazing much that was profitable for Dropshipping last year though not performing like other niches mentioned above the revenue generated was amazing. The total sales last year were 1,481,679 and the revenue generated was $10,149,788.

12. Kitchen and Dining bar

The kitchen and Dining bar is another niche with the most sales last year on AliExpress with total sales of 1,478,951 and revenue generated was $16,578,383.

Here I have come conclusion if you want to know how I got the data I provided in this article. Then I use the nichscrapper tool to analyse products doing well in the market. You can click here for a free trial.

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