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Isah Ayagi Biography: Early Life and Net Worth

Hausa international singer Isah Ayagi was reckoned after releasing hit song which trended enough and gained over a million streams in youtube, the hit track title is maryama Gimbiya.

The hausa singer is known for his melodic voice and cool lyrics. Isah Ayagi is one of the best hausa singers everyone should listen to. That brief introduction of Isah Ayagi.

Today I will be discussing the hausa singer Isah Ayagi’s early life, career, education and net worth. Follow this article to the end.

Isah Ayagi Early Life

Isah ayagi was born and raised in ayagi, kano, kano state, nigeria. The famous Hausa singer was raised in kano. He attended both his primary school and secondary school in Kano, kano state, nigeria.

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After his secondary school Isah Ayagi proceeded to Aminu college of islamic studies, kano where he studies islamic studies.

Isah Ayagi Career

Let me discuss how Isah Ayagi career began in the Hausa music industry, Isah music career is not different from other musicians, he has been making music from an early age without getting listeners but you know when you are hustling and not giving up one day sky will be your limit.

After struggling for a long time, Isah Ayagi music finally got acceptance from northern nigeria music lovers. He made one of the most impressive love songs which happened to be his breakthrough in the industry. The song that made him popular is Maryam Gimbiya. If you are a fan of Isah Ayagi you will know that songs are melodic. 

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Ever since Isah Ayagi became famous, he has been releasing good music back to back, some of his songs include Rakumi Da Kalla, Mai Ruwan Ido and many more of that. He has released 2 studio Albums so far which are Rakumi Da Kalla, Mai Ruwan Ido. As his career is still growing we expect more from him.

Isah Ayagi Net Worth

Isah Ayagi not only gets recognition but he also gets fortune as his life transforms from local to international. So here I will talk about Isah Ayagi net worth and how he makes his money.

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As a fan of music or movies, you understand that most musicians earn from music streaming and booking for an event and few earn also from selling out concerts but none of hausa singers ever host a concert though that’s topics of another day. 

After carefully looks at Isah Ayagi music performances across digital platforms and also number of events he attended, the hausa singer Isah Ayagi Net worth is estimated to be around $50,000 to $150,000

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